Can I reverse type 2 diabetes with food?

The concept of reversal or remission of type 2 diabetes is increasingly gaining strength within the scientific community. It was first noted in the 1980s, due to the outcomes of bariatric surgery, which found that obese individuals with type 2 diabetes frequently achieved normalized blood glucose levels shortly following their procedure. The major determinant of achieving normal blood glucose regulation was correlated with the degree of achieved weight loss. Researchers also noted that a greater degree of weight loss was required for longer duration type 2 diabetes, than was for shorter duration diabetes. This led researchers to consider how different diets may impact type 2 diabetes. What became clear in the few larger scale studies is the correlation between weight-loss and blood sugar normalization.

Inflammation and the foods that fuel or squelch it

We hear so much about inflammation in the news today, from anti-inflammatory diets to diseases of inflammation, that the term can seem too broad to grasp. For most of us, we want practical solutions on how our diet and lifestyle can best impact the inflammation in our bodies. Here is an easy review to give you some ideas about how you can modify your meals to lower chronic inflammation and improve your health and wellbeing.

Feed Your Microbiome

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the microbiome – whether from ads selling particular products to information surrounding the dangers of over-prescribing antibiotics. But maybe what you don’t know is how essential the microbiome is to our overall health and wellbeing and why we should be considering it as we select what’s best for us to consume.

Introduction and fasting

Welcome to my blog where I will explore the intersection of nutrition and health – both physical and mental. I am fascinated by how this living organism we inhabit is impacted by all that we digest – and not just dietary, mind you (which is why I have enjoyed teaching Yoga and exploring various spiritual traditions). But for this blog I’ll be dealing mostly with nutrition. In my quest to explore all aspects of human nutrition, I am constantly reading research and listening to podcasts from the greatest minds dedicated to nutrition research. I’ll be sharing this with you and parsing the differing views around nutrition as the science is young and ever – evolving.